Here’s some quick and easy tech tips, tricks, and short cuts that will make your life so much easier!

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1. Adjust your Facebook Privacy Settings: Click on the question mark icon that appears at the top of any Facebook page. Select ‘Privacy Checkup’ to see your privacy settings. Make sure you review the privacy settings on your posts, profile, apps, and websites. 

2. Reverse Search an Image in Google Chrome: In Google Chrome, right click on an image and press ‘S’ at the same time. When you reverse search an image, you’ll potentially be able to see to see where that photo originated from. 

3. Clear Your Cache in Seconds: Quickly clear your cache by pressing Ctrl + Shift + R. This will also refresh your page!

4. Go Back in Time: Are you looking for something you were working on days ago? Just press the Windows key + Tab. That will open a timeline of your recent activities in Windows. 

5. Google Your Equations: Did you know that Google’s search box doubles as a calculator? Enter in your equation and hit enter, it’s that easy. It’s also flexible with how you type the equations, for example, ’12 x 12′ or ’12 times 12′ will work.

6. Link Your Phone to Your Windows 10 PC: Download the Microsoft Companion App which will allow you to send and receive text messages on your computer. In Windows 10, search for the ‘Your Phone’ app to get started.

7. PowerPoint Shorcuts: 

  • To use your mouse as a laser pointer, hold Ctrl + Left Click
  • Open your PowerPoint in presentation mode: Right click on the file and select ‘Show’

8. Embrace Your Smartphone Space Bar: Double tap the space bar on your smartphone keyboard to end a sentence. You’ll get a period, a space, and the next letter will be capitalized. This will work for both iPhones and Andriods.

9. Clean Up Your Apps: If you haven’t used an app in the past 6 months, it should go. Clean out old apps that you don’t use so you can avoid vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit. 

10. Secure Your Mobile Devices: 

  • Create difficult mobile passwords, not your birth date or bank pin!
  • Install apps only from trusted sources
  • Keep your device updated 
  • Avoid sending sensitive and personal information over texts or emails

Bonus Quick and Easy Tech Tips:

  • OPEN PDFs IN MICROSOFT WORD: Quickly convert your PDF into an editable Word Document. Open a blank Word doc, open the menu, and select the PDF that you would like to convert. It’s that easy!
  • CANCEL PAID SUBSCRIPTIONS ON YOUR iPHONE: Open settings, select your Apple ID -> Select iTunes & App Store -> Tap Apple ID -> View ID -> Paid Subscriptions -> Tap on the subscription and hit ‘Cancel’.
  • ACCIDENTALLY TYPE WITH THE CAPS LOCK BUTTON ON? Highlight the text and hit ‘Shift + F3’ and it will change anything from uppercase to lowercase and vice versa. 

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