Backup & Disaster Recovery

Studies show that 58 percent of small businesses are not prepared for
data loss, and 60 percent of small businesses who do experience data loss close
within six months.

Data loss is not only caused by natural disasters but can also be lost,
corrupted, compromised, or stolen through hardware failure, human error,
hacking, and malware.

At Premier Networx, our highly-skilled technicians can help your
business set up an enterprise-grade backup solution for local and offsite
backups with unlimited archiving.

While ensuring that your data is consistently backed up is crucial,
having a disaster recovery solution takes things a step further to minimize
downtime and ensure that data recovery happens in a timely manner.

Every business is different, so our technicians will ensure that your
backup and disaster recovery solution is tailored for the type of information
your business is storing. We’ll help you identify your most critical IT assets
and your downtime tolerance, so we can create a solution that works best for
your business. Once we install your backup and disaster recovery system, we
monitor it constantly to ensure that your data is backed up, confirmed, and

All Premier Networx backup and disaster recovery solutions feature:

  • On-Site backup device for fast data recovery
  • Off-Site replication for redundancy
  • Full data encryption to ensure that your information is secure
  • Backup frequency as often as every 15 minutes
  • Archiving allows you to recover data from older backups at any time

Your business continuity depends completely on your IT infrastructure being available 24/7. Having a backup and disaster recovery solution will give you peace of mind and confidence in knowing that you can resume business quickly without losing time, data, or revenue.

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