Updates from the Augusta IT Guys

Employee Spotlight: Chad Harpley

Chad Harpley, President and CEO, started Premier Networx in 2013 to meet the greater Augusta region’s growing need for a reliable, reputable, and professional IT…
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Employee Spotlight: Eric Rinker

Get to know Eric Rinker, a Help Desk Technician here at Premier Networx! What’s the one food you can’t resist? Crab Legs! What’s your greatest…
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Be Careful What You Click On

One of the most common ways that cyber criminals hack your sensitive data is by tricking you into clicking on links or attachments. Often times,…
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Audit Your Passwords

Usernames and passwords represent the keys to the kingdom for malicious attackers. Criminals who know how to penetrate a company’s defenses can easily steal hundreds…
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The Importance of Physical Cybersecurity

Criminals don’t just compromise your networks and data through cyber attacks. You should consider physical cybersecurity defenses as an additional safeguard to keep your data…
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Hackers: Who Are They and What Do They Want?

Cyber criminals are diverse. Hackers can include: Nation States, Organized Crime, Hacktivists, Malicious Insiders, and Motivated Individuals. State Actors / Intelligence Hackers attack for information,…
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