Premier Networx Employee Spotlight: Daniel Gillam

Daniel Gillam is one of our many awesome Help Desk Technicians. His day-to-day job duties include assisting clients with technical assistance and support both remotely and on-site as well as overseeing work done in our lab.

Daniel joined our team about eight months ago and enjoys working here because, “There is never a dull moment and there is a real, small business ‘family’ feel to Premier Networx.” When asked what excites him about our future, he replied, ” I’m excited to see all the growth we have had in just the few shorts months that I have been here. I’m looking forward to seeing where we are in a few years from now.”

Daniel is a self-taught IT guru. His career began in 2014 with the Geek Squad and two years later he continued his career and education with another IT firm in the Greater Augusta area. In July, he made the move to Premier Networx and we couldn’t be happier to have Daniel on our team.

When he’s not assisting our clients with tackling and solving IT issues, Daniel enjoys riding motorcycles, playing video games, and flying RC planes and drones. His favorite part about living in Augusta is it’s, “Just big enough to have plenty of activities around town, but small enough to still have the ‘woodsy’ country sort of feel.

Get to know Daniel Gillam better with these random questions!

  1. What’s the one food you can’t resist? Pizza
  2. What’s your greatest fear? Needles
  3. Where is your favorite place to be? Anywhere if I’m on my bike.
  4. What’s your favorite movie? I don’t really have a single favorite, but any action movie is a good choice.
  5. If you won the lottery, what would you buy first? I would build a house on a lot out in the woods.
  6. What’s your favorite outdoor activity? Riding motorcycles.
  7. What chore do you absolutely hate doing? Mowing the lawn.
  8. What did you want to be when you were a kid? I used to want to design rockets.
  9. What is one thing on your bucket list? I’d like to get my pilot’s license.
  10. What is your dream vacation? Camping and scuba diving on some remote island near a coral reef.
  11. How do you feel about putting pineapple on pizza? Sounds like communist propaganda to me.
  12. What job would you be terrible at? Dietitian. I enjoy good food.

4332 Wheeler Road #105, Augusta GA 30907


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