Safely Travel with this Cybersecurity Checklist

You probably have a few vacations and road trips planned over the next few months. As you get ready to go, remember this travel Cybersecurity Checklist!

  • Take time to update all of your operating systems, software, and apps. Having to install these while you’re on the road can be a real pain and use up valuable data.
  • Make sure you backup all of your data in case your device is damaged, lost, or stolen.
  • Be careful with your travel plans on social media, and definitely don’t announce your vacation dates. You don’t want criminals to know when your home is empty.
  • Be wary of the public unsecured Wi-Fi at airports, hotels, restaurants, etc. If you have to access the Wi-Fi, never access sensitive data. If you need to do any online shopping, access your banking account, etc., use VPN.
  • Never use public computers to access sensitive data either.

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