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Premier Networx offers a wide range of IT support solutions to meet your every need. We have no greater priority than providing you with a full service solution that will enable you to stop worrying about your IT needs and start focusing on your business. We have several pricing options that will allow you to accurately budget and plan for the current and future IT needs of your business.

In addition to IT services, Premier Networx also offers products to help with your IT needs including laptops, workstations, phone systems, network equipment and peripherals. We can outfit your office to meet all of your communication needs.

Offering a Variety of Managed IT Services to Fit Your Needs

Workstation, Server & Firewall

Having the right hardware and software installed in your office is a determining factor on whether your business will run smoothly. Premier Networx is your one-stop-shop for your workstation installation, maintenance and repair. We help with everything from beginning to the end. Our technicians will help you purchase the hardware that makes sense for your business, configure and install all the necessary software. We also set up your customized workstation on the network and install any software, printers and peripherals you need. We provide service to your office whether you prefer Microsoft or Apple products in your workspace. We are certified members of the Apple Consultants Network, and we can provide Macs, iPads, and iPhones for your team. Once your workstation is set up, we will continue to maintain it and repair any issues that may arise. We’re here to assist you whenever you need it.

Managed Antivirus

You shouldn’t have to worry about protecting your business from digital attacks and threats; that’s what we’re here for. We can install a managed antivirus product to your workstations and servers that we will monitor and keep up-to-date. You can worry about running your business, and leave the data protecting to us. For our Technology Support Agreement customers, we offer 24/7 support, and there is no limit on the support you receive, so your systems will be safe in our hands at all times. Not only can we check on your antivirus product on site, we also offer remote support. That way, if you have an immediate need, we can deal with the issue as soon as possible. Even if you don’t have a TSA, we’re still here to help when you call us.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Studies show that 58 percent of small businesses are not prepared for data loss, and 60 percent of small businesses who do experience data loss close within six months. This doesn’t have to happen to you. At Premier Networx, our highly-skilled technicians can help your business set up an enterprise-grade backup installation for local and offsite backups and unlimited backup archiving. We can also set up a customized disaster recovery plan tailored for your business. Once we install your backup system, we will monitor it regularly to ensure the system is still functioning properly and that it is ready to take action at any time. Every business is different, so our technicians will ensure that your backup plan is secure for the type of information your business is storing. Don’t worry at night that your data will be lost, we’re constantly working to keep it safe and give you a peace of mind.

Infrastructure Cabling

The foundation of your IT infrastructure is the cabling. Without proper cabling, you’re at risk for disruptions in your services. We offer low voltage infrastructure cabling for data, phone or video applications. Cabling can be installed for existing businesses or businesses with new construction or those that are going through renovations. No matter what the situation, our certified professionals will be there to install cabling and ensure that your network is set up correctly. Cables will be clearly labeled, and patch panels and workstations jacks will have durable, printed labels so they can be easily identified. As your business grows and changes, so will your IT needs, and Premier Networx will be there to adjust cabling needs as necessary. You never have to play the guessing game when it comes to what your business needs because we’ll be right there to answer your questions.

Cloud Services

Cloud services can be a huge time saving aspect for your business. With the cloud, your employees will be able to share files and collaborate with each other without wasting time due to technical issues. Your data is backed up in real-time for everyone using the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about backing up documents or getting the most updated version of files while working. We also offer email hosting and encryption for your business. Every business has different needs, so we will help you decide which product is best suited for your business, whether it is Microsoft Office 365 or Google’s suite of products. Whatever you need, we’ll ensure it is going to provide the best service for you, and we'll provide an end-to-end implementation plan.

Telephone Systems

Premier Networx takes pride in the diversity of services offered. We can help you create a robust communications network that will ensure that your business can function quickly and effectively. In addition to workstations, we also offer telephone systems that work with the rest of your IT infrastructure, so everything’s connected. We make sure your phone system will function properly no matter the location with multi-site support. Your phones will function as part of the same system whether you are in a different office, city, or state. This will ensure that your phones can be attended to no matter where you or your employees are located. We can also set up voicemail to email functions so that you’ll have the peace of mind that messages will be in two locations. Phone systems can be equipped with custom greetings, routing, call recording and conferencing. Your business can function smoothly with the proper communications network from Premier Networx.

Wireless Site Survey

A wireless site survey, or radio frequency (RF) site survey, is the first step in the deployment of a wireless network and the most important step to ensure desired operation. A site survey is a task-by-task process by which the surveyor studies the facility to discover coverage areas, check for interferences and determine the appropriate placement of wireless devices.

Premier Networx offers wireless site surveys to help provide uninterrupted wireless access throughout an entire building, facility or campus. This preliminary survey ensures the best placement for the highest performance and most efficient use of wireless access points. We can ensure a proper site survey from our experienced technicians that will provide you with information on coverage, sources of interference, where equipment should be placed, power considerations and wiring requirements. You will not be left in the dark about any of the details because it will help serve as a guide for the proper installation of the wireless communication infrastructure. Many people don’t realize how important site surveys can be for their business. Something as small as the microwave running in your office’s kitchen can interfere with your internet connection and cause trouble for your employees. Let us get it right the first time.

HIPAA Compliance Assessment

HIPAA stands for the “Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act” which was passed into law in 1996. It was put into place to ensure all medical patients’ information is gathered, stored, secured and accessed properly. Premier Networx offers a HIPAA HITECH Compliance Assessment Service that will help your medical or dental office meet the conditions set under the HIPAA Security Law in regard to your IT. We start with an on-site survey and data gathering of your current compliant status and end with a detailed report and plan of action to obtain the HIPAA compliance. In addition, we offer the needed documentation to support your office’s activities. With many medical offices moving to cloud storage for their information, we can guarantee whichever cloud storage service you prefer is HIPPA compliant, as well. We are your 24/7 IT managers who will be there to offer the proper solutions to make sure all your infrastructure and systems are compliant and up-to-date with the law. Keep your patients’ information protected and leave the IT work to us.

Microsoft & Apple Support

Microsoft? Apple? It doesn’t matter to us! Premier Networx is one of the only local IT companies that supports both Microsoft and Apple operating systems. As a member of the Apple Consultants Network, our staff are certified professionals who work closely with our local Apple Store to better serve our clients. All IT companies don’t qualify to be a part of the Apple Consultants Network, so you can rest assure you are getting the best quality work with Premier Networx. We can come in and perform repairs on your products that are under warranty and keep your business running smoothly. We hold all the latest Apple and technical certifications, and we understand the products more than most IT companies. If your business is using Microsoft, we can provide all the software you need to be installed on your hardware. We do whatever it is you need to make your business more efficient. Whether a client is just starting a business or making the transition from Microsoft to Apple, our staff is ready to meet your needs.

Closed-Circuit TV

Video surveillance is extremely important for your business. Premier Networx offers closed-circuit TV (CCTV) installation as security surveillance for your peace of mind. Our CCTV application allows you to view your cameras from a desktop computer or any mobile device. Your videos can be used in events such as investigations or for a proof of compliance/audit purposes. Video surveillance has evolved so much over the years, and it can become a valued asset for your business. Keep your eyes on your business no matter where you are with a system installed by Premier Networx.

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